Computer Room and Server Maintenance

Ensys Ltd provide specialist services for computer rooms and server rooms. The smooth running of almost every business is dependent on the efficiency of its IT and communications systems. When these systems become inefficient or worse still fail, it can cost time, money and the goodwill of your customers.

Through Ensys, you can call upon over two decades of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of specialist computer environments.

Computer rooms are an essential part of the world today. However, heat emitted from IT equipment rooms can rapidly raise temperatures, particularly in confined spaces such as computer rooms and server rooms, especially those using blade servers.
We select only the most thoroughly engineered equipment which we know has a proven record of reliability and offer a full in-house design and consultancy service.

Ensys pay special attention to high heat output items such as blade servers and we provide cooling solutions best suited to your specific needs.

We can provide hot and cold aisle designs, humidity control, water detection and centralised control or a Building Management System with remote monitoring within our offices for total peace of mind.

We are able to supply specialist computer type air conditioning systems for clients’ IT equipment which requires humidity and temperature control or high specification filtration. We can also supply wall or ceiling mounted systems for smaller rooms.
If your IT system is crucial and air conditioning shutdown would result in equipment failure, then we would propose the use of multiple systems to give resilience against failure – if necessary with run and standby systems.

Projects vary from small mobile server rooms to fully functional data centres of over 3,000 square metres. Each is designed to meet the precise operating and budgetary requirements of the customer.

Ensys have installed many air conditioning systems throughout the UK. No project is too large or small, with projects ranging from £2k – £2m.

Whatever the scale of the project, Ensys perform to the same high standard of engineering integrity, the same total commitment to completing the job and the same responsiveness to our customers’ needs.